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What Patients Are Saying


I cannot recommend Dr. Chung enough. I wish she could be my regular OB, GP, pediatrician- I love her so much! I originally saw Dr. Chung at USC for a consult. I was previously seeing a doctor at HRC and was not happy with their practice. I felt like cattle there, but it was close to my house and figured I would just talk to another doctor for reference. But I knew my mind was changed after speaking with Dr. Chung. She sat with me for over an hour to go over everything fertility related as well as my specific issues. She also wasn't pushing fertility procedures on us. She was honest and compassionate. She was understanding and patient. And I quickly realized in that meeting that in addition to this incredible compassion person is an extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, and quietly confident doctor. She backs up her every view with science and research. She is extremely strong but very delicate in her delivery. 

It took us a several months before we gave up trying naturally and had already decided we wanted Dr. Chung to be our doctor. So I made an appt and she advised me she was moving to California Fertility Partners in Brentwood. She left USC for the quality of CFP's lab and impressive technology. I followed her one of her previous patients said 'I would drive the 210 to the 134 to the 101 to the 405 any day of the week for her'. She went above and beyond to help me with the transition. CFP was great. No issues with their staff or billing. They were all responsive and courteous. I had some disappointing results and then some miraculous results. Throughout the painstaking and emotional process, Dr. Chung was there guiding and supporting every step of the way. She gave me an email to contact her and would ALWAYS answer same day, usually within hours. I asked A LOT of questions but she always patiently answered them. The compassion she had for me made me feel heard. She made my crazy seem normal. She made me feel important. She made me feel strong. For all of you going through this process, I know how difficult and draining it is. If I ever were to go through this again, I would go back to her in a heartbeat. I can't imagine going through this with any other doctor.


Kate N.


Dr. Karine Chung is an amazing, warm, patient and emphatic doctor who is extremely knowledgeable in her profession. She honestly knows what she is talking about and I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to have a baby! Don't waist your time with anyone else, just book a visit with dr. Chung!

I found dr. Chung via google search after two unsuccessful IVF rounds in other clinic. When I met dr. Karine I was at my lowest low - emotional wreck; not because the previous rounds were unsuccessful (I was mentally prepared that it might take six or more times), but because of the way the bad news were delivered to me and without any information on what's the game plane going forward. Frankly I was not "buying" that at the age of 38 I'm " too old, and my eggs are bad".
I went to dr. Chung initially only for a second opinion. I was impressed with how much time she took to explain my chances and what my opinions are. No one ever before walked me through the process so thoroughly. I understood that it is not "the end for our attempts to have a baby"; we just needed to alter the game plan. I remember I left her office feeling finally good, after weeks of crying. I understood that there are options and then other options, etc. dr. Chung told me to be patient and I believed her. 

Fast forward few weeks, after discussing with my husband, we changed the clinic to California Fertility Partners, to dr. Chung. It was a big deal for us, as our previous clinic was taking the insurance and unfortunately California Fertility Partners does not. However it is money well spend! We thought that if we have to bet a future of our family we much rather pay 100% out of pocket to a great doctor who we believed is our best shot! To clarify our previous doctor is also highly "decorated", well known in the industry and came through our OB recommendation, but we both thought dr. Chung was way out of previous doctor's league. And she did get us pregnant on the first try! I'm 12 weeks pregnant now with our precious baby girl.

Lab and nurses at CFP is top-notch. The entire clinic works round the clock, on your body schedule; non Monday thru Friday basis as most of the clinics do; which was also the case with our previous place. As a result my egg retrieval was on Monday, while the best time for my body would have been Sunday. Consequently few of my eggs "went bad" and could not be used.... who knows maybe these could have been the "golden eggs". However here at CFP they work for Your body schedule.

Nurses, front desk, everyone in the office is absolutely professional, nice and responsive. The entire clinic operates like a Swiss Watch! Honestly after switching from my previous clinic this was like a breeze of fresh air. Finally I felt I could relax and just "produce baby". I did not have to follow-up with clinic on results, if they got my records, if they had received signed forms, etc. there is so much paperwork, blood tests, formalities to be done when you go through IVF. The California Fertility Partners crew was all on it! 
I also called many, many, many times with even the smallest questions, I had many, many panic attracts, many many doubts.... you name it. All my calls were either answered right away or if they had to be addressed with dr. Chung I would get a reply within half an our. Amazing! I wish ALL doctors' office (not only fertility clinics) would work so efficiently and politely. 

Dr. Karine Chung also replies to her emails. It seems that she never sleeps and never has her email off. She was such a great comfort to me through this entire process. I wish there was more doctors like her.

Thank you for everything dr. Karine Chung and the team!


Magdalena P.


We have been with Dr Karine Chung and USC fertility for the conception of both our daughters. The office staff has always been professional and empathetic and I cannot say enough praise for Dr Chung! I'm so glad we went through our fertility journey with her. She is extremely kind, encouraging and knowledgeable. She was always very patient and articulate in explaining things to us and would always get back to me quickly if I had any questions. Dr Chung and her nurse Leslie and previous nurse Teri always made us feel comfortable and went out of their way to help us with some out of the ordinary requests. 

To know that these folks were on our side and rooting for us was incredible. The shared tears of sadness and joy says it all.

Jessica E.


I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Chung and her team, (especially Pam). After 6 cycles, 3 transfers, and a miscarriage, my husband and I are finally having a baby boy! Throughout this process, Dr. Chung was exceedingly encouraging, respectful, profesional, and kind. We had gone to another very popular fertility clinic and had a horrendous experience. We were always reminded that I was older than 40 and my chances were far worse (as if I wasn't already aware of that).  At USC, every time we were hit with bad news, Dr. Chung simply said "we just need one" or "I really think this will happen." She was right! It took a year and a small break to refocus and now we are almost at the 13 week mark. I firmly believe that if Dr. Chung would not have empowered me to continue, I would have given up and this little boy would not be. She was knowledgeable and showed us exactly how women of my age need more attempts to reach the goal. 

As you go through your journey, remember that you need cheerleaders, coaches, support systems from your providers and not naysayers. Why shoot yourself in the foot before you start and listen to disempowering doctors? I am a physician myself and I needed that level of empathy and listening. Dr. Chung was my biggest cheerleader and was always available both via email and on the phone! 

Dr. Chung is simply awesome and I encourage you to choose her in your path. Your journey will feel so much calmer and brighter.

Yvette M.


My case was a bit complicated. I had severe endometriosis which led to my infertility at the age of 39. After relentlessly looking for the right Dr, I decided Dr. Chung was the perfect physician for me. She guided me every step of the way. While, every step was not as easy, Dr. Chung's strategies and decisions were very well thought out of and communicated effectively. Before I started IVF, I had to get another surgery for my endometriosis. I recovered and began IVF immediately in February 2018. It was my first shot at it at the age of 40 and thankfully I got pregnant on the first try. While, there were still some scares in the beginning , I was confident that Dr. Chung was doing everything she could. Today, I am 39 weeks pregnant and due on November 5, 2019. I keep reflecting back on the entire journey my husband and I went through and I can't tell you how grateful we are for USC fertility. The entire team from front staff, nurses to the financial office have been easy to work with and very accommodating. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Chung.

Shereen Y.


Two months ago, I gave birth to beautiful twin girls thanks to the skills and knowledge of Dr. Chung and the USC team. It was such a long journey and it was not easy - four years of trying, three of which included many rounds of IVF. The big secret in infertility treatment is that while doctors know a lot these days about what impacts pregnancy rates, there is still so much they don't know or can't see in terms of whether an individual successful pregnancy will occur!

Dr. Chung was great throughout - she was clear in explaining the challenges and probabilities of success we should expect from the beginning, while maintaining a positive outlook for each round. Her "bedside manner" is warm but matter of fact. Whenever I asked questions about different approaches (frequently) was responsive and knew a great deal about what the studies support as being effective. When I was emotional (also frequently) she and the staff were compassionate and understanding.

Considering how long it took, there were several occasions when we considered whether we should consult another practice, but ultimately we stuck with Dr. Chung because (unlike some of my friends' experiences) we felt confident all the variables medicine can control were being considered. She introduced new techniques and protocols once they were warranted, and I always felt like she provided appropriate guidance so we could make decisions.

All around good experiences with the nurses, other doctors, and support staff too. Probably the only negative worth mentioning is the parking, but that's consistent with the area and manageable.

Melanie T


My experience was a little bit different. I found Dr. Chung in a very difficult moment, it was soon after I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32. My oncologist recommended me to see a fertility doctor before starting chemotherapy if I wanted to preserve my fertility (chemotherapy affects the ovaries killing the eggs and giving you early menopause). I visited two other fertility centers before I met Dr. Chung at USC Fertility. 

On the first appointment, she was very clear and thorough explaining the treatment and the entire process. After she was done explaining she listened to my concerns and answered my questions patiently. She is very knowledgeable, kind and caring. We trusted her and we were able to successfully freeze 12 embryos. 


Fast forward 6 years later and after I finished the cancer treatments, we came back to Dr. Chung ready for the embryos to be transferred & implanted. We had a successful transfer in February 2018 and we were blessed with the arrival of our baby girl in October 2018.

We can't thank enough to Dr. Chung, Leslie, Teri and the whole team at USC fertility for all these years of caring, effective communication, compassion and the best support.

Sandra N


I have had the best experience with Dr. Chung and the entire staff at USC Fertility. After 5 miscarriages in 2 years, followed shortly by a breast cancer diagnosis, I had little options left and not much time to decide to move forward with fertility preservation. USC Fertility offers an extremely reasonable rate for cancer patients. They walked me through and assisted in the process of applying for grants to get the IVF medication through various organizations. 

From start to finish of my fertility preservation cycle, the process was smooth and every encounter with staff was so lovely and caring. We now have 7 embryos frozen! I look forward to the day we come back to USC Fertility to complete the process and eventually meet our children. Thank you USC Fertility for keeping our dreams alive with such grace and care.

Mary P


I cannot say enough in praise about my experience at USC Fertility.  I arrived with unknown unexplained fertility and learned I had a rare uterus condition.  Dr. Chung (and her amazing nurse Leslie) took incredible care of me.  While they had so many other patients, I felt they always gave me personalized attention and care.  Beyond that, both women are clearly incredible in their field but they were wonderfully gentle with me and my husband through the often heartbreaking & scary process.  I was spoiled by being able to always call the office to speak to them and after hours they would respond to my emails so quickly.  Every nurse and doctor I saw along my journey was fantastic as well.  Best part, I was completely successful with my IVF and I'm writing this review while breastfeeding my newborn.  I even have eight (!!!) more embryos waiting for me.  When I started going to Kasier as a pregnant lady, my doctors all knew Dr. Chung and clearly respected her.  I recommend USC to anyone who will listen!  I also found their prices to be standard to fair.  Bonus, the pharmacy in the same building has some sort of deal with USC and their prices are great as well!

Lucy C


I cannot say enough amazing things about USC Fertility.  We came to them during a very difficult time - like most people, we never thought we'd need fertility. However, I was diagnosed with advanced cancer, and we weren't sure if I'd be able to have children after all the treatment, so we wanted to try to preserve my fertility while we still could.  

Dr. Karine Chung was recommended as an expert in cancer and fertility, so we made an appointment.  Not only is she incredibly gifted as a doctor, but she is so caring and informative to her patients. She showed such concern for our situation, and explained all of our options so well, along with all of the procedures we would need to go through. 

We began treatment right away, and Dr. Chung and the team of doctors and nurses became like family.  They showed such amazing kindness to us during a difficult time, and going to the office always gave us so much HOPE.  My husband and I preserved 9 embryos, which we had frozen, and I promised Dr. Chung I'd be back after my treatment to make some babies!

Having our embryos gave me the strength to fight through very difficult cancer treatment.  They gave me hope, and a light at the end of the tunnel.  2.5 years later, I kept that promise to Dr. Chung.  I'd beaten Stage IV cancer, and returned to USC Fertility with my amazing friend, who acted as our gestational surrogate.  We did two transfer attempts, and while the first wasn't successful (no fault of this office, that's just how it works sometimes), our second attempt was successful. And it was twins!

This office gave us hope when we felt all hope was lost.  We laughed and cried and celebrated with the members of this office. And in the end, they gave us the best gift imaginable: our family.  

You have lots of choices for fertility. If you want doctors and a staff that truly cares about you and your family, this is the place to be

Emily T


My husband did a lot of research regarding different fertility clinics before we decided to start the IVF process. Upon our first meeting with Dr Karine Chung, we were impressed. She possessed all the qualities you look for in a Physician: knowledgeable, confident, and empathetic. She was thorough in discussing our options with us, gave us realistic expectations regarding the IVF process and our chances of getting pregnant. The visits are pretty frequent before your egg transfer so you have to be prepared to adjust your schedule (I am a Doctor myself so moving around patients during this journey was not easy!). Luckily, Dr Chung, Leslie (the NP), and Dr Salem (one of the Fellows) were all efficient during the visits and communicating with us our results and next steps. We were very fortunate to get pregnant on our first round of IVF and we are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our baby girl in 5 weeks! Thank you Dr Chung & the whole USC Fertility team!

Rachel R


Our first trip to see Dr Chung was 3.5 years ago and my partner and I were figuring out the entire process of IUI and IVF.  After initial consultation with Dr. Chung, her advice to us was to try a less invasive procedure of iui since my partner at the time was at a prime age for that.  We agreed and went through all the necessary tests and tried two iui sessions, both of which didn't have any results.  After a few years of discussing we decided to return to USC and try an IVF since we had purchased enough sperm for another try.  So at the end of last year we came back and was again educated about the entire process of IVF.  We started the process and our first IVF failed.  At this point we were rather deflated and thought of all the ways we can make this happen and even consulted other doctors and friends and everything pointed us back to USC, mainly because our embryos were there and we liked the staff and Dr. Chung.  We had our doubts since this whole process was rather taxing so it's very important to pick a team that made you feel comfortable and educated!  So with our last two embryos we decided to go for another IVF, this time a frozen transfer versus a Fresh transfer.  Dr. Chung was very thorough and wanted to check all the boxes on various examinations so that we can see what is happening since the first few iui and ivf didn't take, very much to the surprise of the staff and the doctor!  Well I am writing this to say we graduated!  Our last attempt succeeded and we are expecting 2 by the end of this year.  I can only say we are grateful to Dr Chung and her team at USC!  We came out of the examination room with joyful tears in our eyes and the entire staff came and hugged us and showered us with congratulations!  The clear form of communications, the gentleness but yet firmness of Dr Chung's recommendations, the knowledge she shared, her bedside manners, all made my partner feel very comfortable. Nurse Teri and her team was also spectacular, taking blood samples, being patient when needed since my partner was sometimes not ready etc!  They were very good at explaining all the medication needed and assisting us when we needed to change some of our drugstores.  We are now keeping in touch with the clinic to update them on our obgyn visits.  All in all I would recommend USC fully and Dr Chung and her team.  I have already sent her info to a few friends considering this process since I find Dr Chung very very easy to communicate with and very understanding to patients needs!

Lisa C


After a late term stillbirth and finding out that I had a unicorn uterus, we struggled with infertility for three years. We initially went to Kaiser and did 6 rounds of failed IUI. We finally decided to look into IVF and found Dr. Chung from USC Fertility. At the initial consultation, Dr. Chung was very thorough and explained the IVF process and came up with a treatment plan that suits us due to my condition. She was very positive and gave us hope that we can become parents one day.  Dr. Chung had very good bedside manners and was very patient and always answered all my questions promptly. Her staff was always very friendly and helpful. Infertility treatments can be very stressful but Dr. Chung and her staff made it as easy as possible. I had a very good experience with Dr. Chung and her staff at USC Fertility. I highly recommend USC Fertility if you are looking into fertility treatments. After two IVF cycles, we finally had our rainbow baby who is six weeks old today. Thanks to Dr. Chung and USC Fertility for helping us fulfill our dreams of becoming parents!



Dr. Chung and crew have been a dream come true! In fact, they made our dreams come true with a perfect little girl! Dr. Chung has a unique balance of compassionate bed side manner and knowledge with her level of expertise. She kept us informed every step of the way and was in close personal contact with us. We never felt that we were a bother. She really cares. Each procedure was done as gently as possible. Her staff treated us with courtesy and respect. We looked into several other RE's prior to choosing USC Fertility and I'm SO grateful that we chose her! My scenario was a challenging one but she took a team approach and even got other doctors involved to help us be successful! We are back again to try for baby #2 and we know we are in the best hands! Thank you Dr. Chung for giving us our miracle baby!!!

Allison S


I first met Dr. Chung in 2015 to see what my options were since I was unsuccessful in getting pregnant for over a year. While my husband and I were trying for that year, it was such a frustrating and long process so we decided it was time to see a fertility specialist. During our consultation with Dr. Chung, she explained every little detail and diagnosed me with pcos and assured me that I can get pregnant right away. Sure enough, I was pregnant from my first try at IUI and gave birth to a beautiful and healthy daughter. 

Now at 2018, my husband and I decided it was time to try for a second child and decided to go straight to Dr. Chung. She was very welcoming and made the process as easy as the first time. Thanks to her and her team, I am now 6 weeks pregnant. We are so ecstatic and I really wish I can go to her throughout my pregnancy and have her deliver my precious second baby. 

Dr. Chung was very caring and attentive and made me feel so comfortable and not like a burden like other doctors have made me feel. She is definitely not a typical doctor and more personable. I was able to email her and get a response within several hours. I did have a small mishap with the billing department the first time around, but luckily I was able to get it resolved before it went to collections. The procedures at the clinic may be pricy, but I believe it is a price to pay if you want this kind of expertise and hospitality. I will never forget Dr. Chung as well as the other staff members and nurses that cared for me and will be always thankful!

Bo B


I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Karine Chung and the team at USC Fertility.  From the front desk to the nursing team, everyone was knowledgeable, patient and detail oriented.  Coming from a negative experience at my previous clinic, Dr. Chung and her staff exceeded my expectations from the very first consultation until my final follow up visit.  Dr. Chung is intelligent, experienced, articulate and caring.  She and her nurse, Teri, provided the personal touch we were looking for in a medical practice that I thought couldn't possibly exist in today's health care.  Maybe it's my hormones, but I actually tear up when I think of how thoughtful they were throughout my diagnosis and egg freezing cycle.  I'm posting the highest of recommendations because people need to know there are wonderful doctors and practices out there like this one.

Jennifer W


I am thrilled to give USC Fertility, Dr. Chung and the whole staff 5 stars (I wish I could give them ten!). Five years ago I decided to freeze my eggs with them even though the process was still experimental. Earlier this year j returned to use those eggs. I'm happy to report that after only 1 IVF cycle I am now a mama to a perfect beautiful and healthy baby boy! Not only was the process successful, but I always felt like They cared and they treated me like I was part of their family. I can't say enough about Dr. Chung, her abilities, professionalism and spectacular bedside manner. Clearly I would highly recommend USC Fertility!

Felicia Z

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